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Add Striking Style with Glass Balustrades in London

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Do you want to add a modern touch to your property while ensuring its safety? Installing glass balustrades on staircases, mezzanines, walkways and balconies enables secure, transparent boundary definition. As London’s premier glass balustrade specialists, Sky Glass London offers bespoke designs crafted with structural durability and timeless aesthetics in mind. Read on to discover how our handrails and frameless glass balustrades can transform your architectural vision into reality.

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Why Choose Sky Glass London for Glass Balustrades

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Searching “glass balustrades London” brings up many glazing firms. But for unrivalled glass and stainless-steel balustrade creations across the capital and beyond, Sky Glass London shines brightest. Countless residential and commercial clients rely on us for:

  • 15+ Years of Balustrade Project Expertise – We know the ins and outs of structural glass entirely.
  • Compliance with Building Standards – All products satisfy UK regulations for safety and quality.
  • Design Flexibility – We customise sizes, glass types and finishes to your exact preferences
  • Seamless Installations – Our teams handle the full process from surveying to fitting.
  • Value for Money – As high-volume trade specialists, our prices beat competitors.

Balustrades constitute just one specialty – we also create bespoke glass stairs, splashbacks, floors, walls, doors and partitions for complete vision realisation.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Balustrades

Installing frameless glass balustrades brings several advantages:

Sleek Ultra-Modern Style

The minimalist look enhances any room’s high-end contemporary feel.

Unobstructed Light and Views

Glass maximises visibility and sunlight transmittance between spaces for an open airy ambiance.

Added Spatial Perception

The transparency provides depth, making spaces seem larger than they are.

Easy Maintenance

Glass simply needs occasional cleaning to keep railings looking immaculate.

From a design perspective for interiors and exteriors, glass balustrades bring unparalleled refinements.

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Customisable Options for Unique Projects

Glass balustrade possibilities for one-of-a-kind installations include:

  • Frameless Glass Panels – Floating appearance for staircases, balconies, mezzanines, roof terraces etc.
  • Framed Glass Balustrades – Glass incorporated into metal handrail designs.
  • Hybrid Balustrades – Combinations of glass panels, cable wires, metal rails etc.

Get in touch to review options for the perfect glass balustrade creation enhancing your architectural environment.

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Affordability of Sky Glass London Balustrades

By specialising exclusively in bespoke structural glass elements, Sky Glass London makes frameless glass balustrades attainable without ridiculous markups. Customisation makes pricing projects difficult upfront. However, transparent quotes include considerations of:

  • Site survey evaluations
  • Lengths/dimensions
  • Glass types – transparent, colored, frosted
  • Thickness and strength needs
  • Mounting methodology
  • Compliance needs – permissions, standards

Receive your accurate estimate along with full sample visualisations so you know exactly what to expect.

Realise Your Balustrade Vision

Bring our glass and stainless-steel balustrade design expertise to life for your residential or commercial project. Connect with us online or call 020 8050 9656 to explore options making your building safety spectacular and head-turning through frameless glass balustrades. Our passionate team eagerly awaits showing ideas taking your architectural vision to the next level!

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Glass Balustrade Safety Considerations

Safety is paramount with balustrades, and our glass designs satisfy UK building regulations:

Use tempered safety glass able to withstand high impacts

  • Smooth edges finish for no risk of injury
  • Meet minimum height codes for railings by storey
  • Attach cap rails to prevent glass panel dislodging
  • Ensure underside visibility for child safety
  • Guarantee flawless corners/joints seals preventing leaks
  • Check anchoring to walls/floors for stability assurance
  • Validate maximum dimensions between posts/supports
  • Install toughened laminated glass for overhead applications

We also liaise with your council to secure approvals and certificates proving compliance.

On- going Glass Balustrade Maintenance – Sky Glass London

Ongoing Glass Balustrade Maintenance

Our balustrades are built to last with little upkeep. However, we offer service plans to maintain their pristine condition:

  • Annual safety checks ensure glass remains securely affixed
  • Assess weathering seals to verify no leakage or corrosion
  • Clean glass to keep visibility clear and finish sparkling
  • Inspect anchoring stability in wall/floor joints
  • Identify any signs of damage needing glass repairs/replacement
  • Make minor adjustments like bolt tightening if required

With protective care, our glass balustrades retain their lustrous appearance and safety integrity for decades.

Discover the Many Balustrade Possibilities

Get in touch to review options for the perfect glass and stainless-steel balustrade creation enhancing your architectural environment. Bring our expertise to reality in residential homes or commercial buildings by contacting us today!