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Glass Mirror Installation in London to See Your Best Self

Mirror Installation – Sky Glass London

Well-placed glass mirrors make rooms feel brighter and larger. Sky Glass London offers premium bespoke glass mirror design and installation for homes and businesses across London. Read on to discover how our frameless glass mirrors can elevate your interior spaces.

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Benefits of Professional Glass Mirror Installation

Professional Mirror Installation Image - Sky Glass London

Searching “glass mirror installation near me” brings up many glazing companies. But for specialist glass mirror services in London, Sky Glass London is the top choice. Our benefits include:

  • 15+ Years Installing Custom Mirrors – Our experience results in flawless finishes.
  • Frameless and Framed Glass Options – We create mirrors matching your style preferences.
  • Mirrored Wall Features – Full mirrored walls make small spaces radically brighter.
  • Precision Digital Manufacturing – Ensures accurate sizing suited to your dimensions.
  • Professional Installation – Our teams handle the full process expertly.

In addition to glass mirrors, we also create mirror TVs, splashbacks, wardrobes and more for whole-room design continuity.

Advantages of Frameless Glass Mirrors Image – Sky Glass London

Advantages of Frameless Glass Mirrors

Frameless, bevelled-edge glass mirrors provide many perks compared to traditional framed mirrors:

Sleek Modern Aesthetic

  • The clean, minimalist contemporary look pairs well with any décor Increased Light Reflection
  • Lack of framing means more reflective surface area making rooms brighter Easy Cleaning
  • Frameless mirrors have fewer edges for dust and grime build up Versatile Mounting
  • Can be installed flush or off-wall with creative hangers and brackets Customisation Ability
  • Choose from clear glass or tinted mirror for colours like bronze, grey etc.

Installing large glass mirrors creates focal points giving rooms a glamorous, expensive feel with minimal effort.

Cost-Effective Mirror Glass Installation Image – Sky Glass London

Cost-Effective Mirror Design Options

With so many possibilities, glass mirror options balance style with pricing:

  • Frameless Rectangular Mirrors – Classic shape suits most budgets especially in smaller sizes.
  • Framed Oval Mirrors – Oval frames add architectural interest at moderate costs.
  • Bevelled Edge Circle Mirrors – Circles feel grander and can highlight décor placed centrally beneath them.
  • Full-Wall Mirrors – Breath-taking mirrored walls create incredible radiance balanced through strategic placement only where needed.

Discuss the look you envision with our designers to explore glass mirror ideas working beautifully within set budgets.

Affordability of Mirror Glass Installations – Sky Glass London

Affordability of Sky Glass Mirror Installations

As trade specialists focused exclusively on premier glass products, Sky Glass London provides incredible mirrors without insane retail mark-ups. Customisation makes quoting exact pricing difficult upfront. However, transparent estimates include:

  • Glass type, thickness, finishes
  • Size – Measurements
  • Frame preferences – Floating, wall-mounted
  • Bevelling, edging, polish requirements
  • Mounting methodology, location challenges

Contact us for a free consultation and quote revealing gorgeous mirrors now affordable!

Let’s Get Your Mirror Vision Up on the Wall!

Bring our custom mirror design expertise to reality in your home or workplace. Connect with us online or call 020 8050 9656 to map out glass mirror ideas making your environments even more spectacular. Our passionate team can’t wait to show options taking your rooms to the next level!

Mirror Glass Safety and Compliance Considerations – Sky Glass London

Glass Mirror Safety and Compliance Considerations

Safety is crucial with mirror installations. All our mirrors adhere to stringent UK building codes and safety practices:

  • Use tempered safety mirrored glass – Heat-treated for enhanced strength able to withstand impacts if broken
  • Ensure smooth polished edges so no risk of cuts
  • Verify secure mounting to prevent detachment from walls
  • Check positions don’t conflict with door openings or walkways
  • Confirm mounting height alignments with codes
  • Review locations for proximity to plumbing, gas lines before drilling holes
  • Evaluate weight load capacities for walls mirrors mount on

We also manage securing council permits whenever required prior to installations. Have full confidence your stunning glass mirror meets every safety norm.

Glass Mirror Installation Process – Sky Glass London

Glass Mirror Installation Process

We make enhancing your space with custom glass mirrors simple:

  • Free in-home consultation to view space and discuss needs
  • Share images and dimensions for bespoke designs suiting goals, tastes
  • Finalize quote based on options – sizes, glass types and thicknesses, frames
  • HHandle building permissions if necessary
  • Precision-craft mirrors taking specifications into account
  • Schedule professional installation for ease
  • Provide post-installation care instructions to keep mirrors looking immaculate

Let our smooth end-to-end mirror creation and mounting process upgrade your rooms with minimal effort.

Realize Your Dream Mirror Designs

Bring our specialist glass mirror expertise to life in your home or workplace. Connect with us online or call 020 8050 9656 to explore options making your environments even more spectacular with magical mirrored touches. Our passionate team eagerly awaits showing ideas taking your rooms to the next level!