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Transform Your Bathroom with Stunning Glass Showers in London

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Is your bathroom crying out for a sleek, contemporary upgrade? Installing a frameless glass shower enclosure creates an ultra-modern look while keeping water spray contained. Sky Glass London offers made-to-measure glass shower screens, doors and enclosures designed to match your bathroom’s dimensions and style. Read on to learn how our glamorous glass showers can upgrade your home.

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Why Choose Sky Glass London for Bespoke Glass Showers

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Searching terms like “glass shower installation near me” brings up many glazing companies. But for expertise delivering designer glass showers across London and surrounding areas, Sky Glass London surpasses competitors. Benefits of selecting us include:

  • 15+ Years Installing Luxury Glass Showers – Our experience shows in flawless finished products.
  • Frameless and Framed Glass Options – We create fully customised enclosures to match your preferences.
  • Safety Standards Compliance – All our enclosures meet UK building codes for durability and strength.
  • Digital Manufacturing Technology – Ensures ultra-precise sizing suited to your bathroom’s dimensions.
  • Hassle-Free Installation – Our teams handle the entire process start to finish.

With glass also used in splashbacks, balustrades and dividers, we can outfit your whole bathroom in sleek glass for a modern, spa-like feel.

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Benefits of Installing Glass Shower Screens

Switching from shower curtains or basic doors to glass shower enclosures upgrades bathrooms in many ways:

  • Sleek, Contemporary Aesthetic – Frameless glass looks light, minimalist and stylish.
  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning – Glass resists mould/mildew buildup between scrubbings
  • Increased Light & Space – Transparent glass makes small bathrooms appear more open without obstructing views.
  • Enhanced Durability – Toughened glass stands up well to bumps, knocks and humidity.
  • Customisation Options – From clear to coloured glass, size to shape, personalise to suit.

With routines like waking up and unwinding before bed happening in bathrooms daily, a beautiful glass shower improves life quality through uplifted ambience.

Benefits of Installing Glass Shower Screens – Sky Glass London

Popular Glass Shower & Enclosure Options

With glass so versatile, many impactful looks integrate easily:

  • Full Glass Shower Enclosures – Fully contained with entry doors, totally frameless or with thin aluminium edging.
  • Backless Glass Showers – Fixed rear glass wall and sides with sliding entry door for walk/wheelchair access.
  • Corner Glass Shower Enclosures – Triangle frames maximising small bathroom spaces.
  • Neo Angle Showers – Angled fixed glass pane joins two sides for dimensional shape.

Exploring your options sparks creativity for glass features reflecting personal flair and bathrooms’ unique footprints.

Affordability of Glass Showers _Sky Glass London

Affordability of Sky Glass London Glass Showers

As specialists dedicated exclusively to glass products, Sky Glass London provides premium shower enclosures without insane markups. Customisation makes quoting exact glass shower pricing difficult upfront. However, transparent estimates include:

  • Glass types & thicknesses preferred
  • Dimensions – Measurements required
  • Door types – frameless, sliding, hinged, pivot
  • Hardware – handles, knobs, hinges
  • Installation – base preparation needs, plumbing, electrical

Book your free in-home consultation and quote to see affordable luxury upgrades possible!

Start Your Dream Glass Shower Project

Bring our glass shower installation expertise to work, opening your home to more sunlight, views and joyful living. Let’s discuss possibilities online or over the phone today – we can’t wait to show options enhancing your life at home!

Glass Shower Safety & Building Regulations – Sky Glass London

Glass Shower Safety & Building Regulations

Safety is paramount with glass installations. Our enclosures meet all UK building codes and safety norms:

  • Use tempered safety glass – Heat-treated for 5x strength to withstand impacts
  • Finished glass edges are polished smooth so not sharp
  • Meet height/size requirements for entrance access
  • Ashore complete water sealing to prevent leaks
  • Ensure stable water drainage slopes so no overflow risk
  • Verify sturdy anchoring to walls preventing detachment
  • Confirm compliance with electrics near wet zones

We also handle securing council installation permits where applicable. Have confidence your striking glass shower enclosure meets every safety standard.

Glass Shower Repairs and Maintenance – Sky Glass London

Glass Shower Repairs and Maintenance

Even durable glass showers may need repairs over time from accidents, seal failures causing leaks, loosened panels etc. As the installers, our technicians can promptly fix most issues:

  • Realign detached shower door tracks
  • Replace broken glass panels
  • Redo failing silicone water seals
  • Secure loose wall mounting brackets
  • Assess repairs needed after impacts causing chips or cracks

With regular gentle cleaning using approved glass cleansers, your glamorous glass shower can stay looking pristine for decades of rejuvenating steaming showers.

Let’s Discuss Your Dream Shower!

Bring our glass shower installation expertise to work, opening your home to more sunlight, views and joyful living. Let’s discuss possibilities online or over the phone today – we can’t wait to show options enhancing your life at home!